New era dawns

New editor promises stability and continuity

Comrades, this is your glorious leader speaking. No, your *new* glorious leader. The old one, he who was known as Dan the Editor, has taken A Great Leap Sideways and installed himself as editor of our friendly neighbour state, .net. It’s bigger, and he now has a greater number of subjects to lead (gloriously). He has taken his trusty comrade-in-arms, our former Art Editor, Chris, with him. (Tina, meanwhile, has infiltrated the bureaucracy on a top secret mission. Officially she is now co-editor of Future Publishing’s internal magazine, so naturally I cannot reveal the true nature of her mission…) We salute their many magnificent accomplishments during their reign here in PWD (which of course stands for… er, People’s Wepublic of Dan?). And now, after this Great Handover, we shall build on all that Dan and Chris and Tina have left us. We shall face the future together, united as one. We shall produce another issue, and another after that! And we shall keep producing issues, and you will keep buying them, and we shall rule over all as the best-selling magazine for web designers in the history of magazines for web designers!

At least, that’s the plan…

Do send me your comments, suggestions and ideas for stuff we should cover in the mag! You can e-mail me at pwdeditor (at)