Issue 30 on sale now!

– The Seven Deadly Sins of Web Design (and how to beat them!)
– Design site templates with CSS
– Add drop-shadows to photos with Dreamweaver
– Create a custom MP3 player in Flash
– Style accessible forms in CSS
– Get visitor feedback with PHP
– Embed YouTube video in your site
– See how our four experts tackle designing a site for a pub
– And much, much more…

PLUS: Fantastic video tutorials on the CD – learn all about optimising images and creating web backgrounds. Also, two superb complete programs (both for Windows):
– TwistedBrush 3.8: Edit and refine your web imagery – full program, as sold for 69 pounds (excludes packaging)
– PagePlus 8: Serif’s legendary DTP application comes with a raft of web-ready wizards and templates – full program, as sold for 99 pounds (excludes packaging)
Also on the CD: all the files and resources you need to follow the tutorials in the mag, links for our Designer’s Bookmarks section, and more…

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